Sound Dimensions Original Compositions, Arrangements & Orchestrations
We at Sound Dimensions are providing a full range of musical services. The founder of SD is composer, arranger, teacher, and performer – Alan Danson. He has developed a wealth of knowledge of the musical world over the years. Our large range of Musical Services can be tailored to suit your personal needs or company requirements. We are very diverse in our approach!


Composition / Arranging / Orchestration

  • We cover a large range of genres including solos to symphony orchestras quartets to brass bands
  • Music for T.V. / media
  • Music for Education / school ensembles
  • Transcriptions to notation from CD and tape. Alan will convert your taped or recorded ideas to music notation ( arranging and adding instrumentation if required ).

Soundtracks For The Corporate Sector

  • Identity theme tunes
  • Promotion / advertising
  • Holding music
  • Website themes

Music For Special Occasions & Celebrations

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Plus Much more

Incidental / Background music

  • Galleries
  • Fashion Show
  • Fitness Studios

Our musical skills, experience and services help to bring your business, project or event a touch of musical professionalism, and also to you!

Founder Alan Danson’s experience as being a working musician has varied over the years. He has performed as a horn player in symphonies, in chamber, theatre, studio and media. As a keyboard player and accompanist in the theatre and studio. As a conductor, he has directed various orchestras and ensembles, including the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra notating songs and lead sheets for pop, folk, and theatre and working for fantastic artistes including Steely Dan, Victoria Wood, Ian Hendry, Pete Townsend and Michael Gambon.

As a professional composer, arranger and orchestrator, Alan’s work spans symphony orchestra to chamber ensemble String Quartet, Brass Quintet, Piano Quintet, Wind Trio, Piano Trio, Violin and Piano and Commercial music-‘musak’. He has also done music for pantomime, television and commercials.

His many compositions have been performed at the Salzburg, Dartington and Edinburgh festivals and performed in The Purcell Room, The Queen Elizabeth Hall and The Royal Albert Hall.

To check out some of our compositions, click here to hear some of them. we have many pieces for you to listen to and buy including Quartets, and different instrumental compositions.

Alan has composed many works for the School Orchestra, which you can both view and listen to on our website To head straight there click here. He believes strongly in the part which music can play in a child’s development. so he has created compositions for children that are as meticulous as his work for professional orchestras and ensembles. He has made parts idiomatic, demonstrating to kids the identity and character of their individual instrument and the part it plays in an orchestra.

Please feel free to get in contact with us for more information – we are here to help!

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