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Every successful business needs someone on the inside who understands the ins and outs of the numbers. While Click 4 Accounts often acts as part of your business, it is smart practice to have someone trained on the inside who knows what is going on at all times.

We offer everything from one-to-ones to enable the business owner to gain a full understanding of the numbers that make up their business all the way through to bespoke courses that are adapted to suit whomever is booked on them.

  •  How to read a balance sheet
  •  How to extract a sales invoice
  •  How to calculate the sales you’ve achieved and what it’s cost to achieve each sale
  •  How to do your VAT returns
  •  How to manage your Payroll efficiently
  •  Training in basic Bookkeeping
  •  and much more

Due to the upcoming changes with the reporting of records in Real Time with online software, it is becoming imperative for the business to understand the process of maintaining their records!

To see a full list of what we can teach you and to find out more about our training services, visit our website or click the links below:

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