By Your Side

By Your Side offers support for carers and people who need a little help to maintain their independent living.

We recognise that it’s not where you are in life, it’s who you have ‘by your side’ that matters. If you’re looking for support or just someone to talk it all through with, please contact us.

We offer a support tool for carers looking after loved ones or friends, using our Companionship Calls. You may not think you’re a carer, but if you spend regular time supporting a friend or family member, then you are one. By Your Side is a home care provider whose goal is to help you when you need to take some time out. Our aim is to enable carers to have a life of their own, alongside their caring responsibilities. So, if you need to go to an appointment or meet with friends, we can help you on a regular basis, or as and when you need it.