Breaking Ballet

Breaking Ballet helps busy women in their 40s and beyond prioritise their health and fitness using short and effective ballet-inspired workouts, and the latest transformational mindset coaching techniques. Breaking Ballet empowers busy women to take back control of their health and fitness and workout anytime, anywhere with Sarah’s guidance.

This unique lifestyle fitness programme uses classical technique to tone and strengthen your body and improve your posture, leaving you standing taller and more confident. The timetable of Sarah’s in-person classes in Harpenden can be found at Alternatively, you can workout at home online by joining the 21 Day Body Reboot programme, or the BBackstage membership.

Sarah is a trained dancer and RAD ballet teacher, a former lawyer based in the UK and a mum of two children. Her mission is to empower women to develop strong, toned bodies, and to allow them the time and space they need to achieve the future they desire with ease and clarity.